Travel agency right next to Helsinki Airport


Tixi Travel is focused on stopover packages, coach transportation services as well as tailored theme trips in Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

Agency is based in Tikkurila, part of the Helsinki Metropolitan area and right next to the Helsinki Airport as well as the rapidly growing international airport city Aviapolis.

Tixi Travel is a member of the Association of Finnish Travel Agents (SMAL/ AFTA). Together with selected local partners Tixi Travel offers a variety of attractive stopover packages and provides other services as a incoming agency. With a wide network of partners all over the Finland Tixi Travel can provide services with very high standards.


Strength of the Company

Tixi Travel is working closely with several companies and have strong expertise in the business. City of Vantaa is also one of the closest partners. We can offer the whole package for the tour operators without many intermediates. The company is independent and very flexible.

Tixi Travel is a subsidiary of Cafe Viinikanat Oy, founded in 1996, and is specialized in the restaurant, coach transportation and travel business. The company has been award-winning several times. Cafe Viinikanat Oy is also one of the 12% of companies in Finland who has the highest credit (Platinum Special certificate) with Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. We also have the highest rate in AAA-rating system with AAA certificate as a company with Highest Creditworthiness.