See the most beautiful part of Espoo. Let the nature touch you in Nuuksio!


In The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia you will experience the whole of Finland’s magnificent nature under one roof and in Reindeer Park you can get in touch with the Northern wild life. Tixi Travel makes this trip easy and comfortable with straight transportation between the destinations! If needed, your luggage travels with you and this trip can be on your way from Helsinki City centre to Helsinki Airport.


The package includes:
  • Trasportation on a pre-planned route to Haltia and the Reinder Park from Helsinki City centre or Helsinki Airport (add the pick up point/ drop off to the booking information)
  • Bottle of water and a little sightseeing gift
  • Audioguide (in English), entrance fee to the Finnish Nature Main Exhibition and a buffet lunch
  • Entrance fee, feeding the reindeer with lichen, coffee (or tea/ juice) with tickbun grilling over an open fire in the Lappish kota


HALTIA – The Finnish Nature Centre

In The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia you will experience the whole of Finland’s magnificent nature under one roof. The exhibition space allows you to explore with your senses through experiencing the changing seasons, sounds, animals, Finnish mythology as well as to learn about other national parks and natural sites. The modern wooden architecture and ecological solutions of this site is an other reason to visit Haltia. End the visit by tasting the Nature on the plate -lunch in the Restaurant Haltia.

Learn more about Haltia.




Experience a touch of Northern magic in Nuuksio Reindeer Park which is the southernmost place in Finland where you can see reindeer. This visit takes you to the woods in Nuuksio. You experience the pure nature, see and feel these beatiful animals and get in touch with the by feeding the reindeers with lichen!


Worth noting:

  • The tour is guided in English. Other languages are available upon request for pre-booked groups. Please note, that our customer service operates in English.
  • We travel by bus and can not provide a completely barrier-free moving, but our staff will assist if necessery.
  • Reindeer Park is an outdoor destination. We recommend dressing and gearing up accordingly to the weather conditions.
  • Children under 3 years are travelling for free. Please let us now the ages of children on the booking information so we can prapare safety equipment in the bus/ car for children if needed.




Reservations needs to be done day before. Please check our website for exceptions on the timetable. This timetable can be flexible, if customer makes the request in advance.

10.00 Departure from the pick up point (Helsinki City Centre or Helsinki Airport)
10.45 Haltia Nature Centre (tour and lunch)
12.30 Reindeer Park
13.15 Departure from Nuuksio to Helsinki City Centre or Helsinki Airport (approx arrival time 14.00 to the drop off point)



1-4 person(s)470 €
Per one extra person up to 8 people in the group (9+ ask for a group price!)75 €
Child under 3 yearsFREE

Reservations info@tixitravel.fi